My gucci!!!

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  1. Hi guys!

    I am not new to PF but i never posted in the Gucci Section or any others besides LV. Here is my Gucci bag I want to share with you all!!! i got in march :wlae: And i have deprived it from PF!
    gucci bag 003.jpg gucci bag 0020.JPG
  2. congrats! I love your bag!
  3. Nice!!!! :nuts:
  4. luckyyy!!! omg!
  5. yay, congrats, love it! :biggrin:
  6. I love the bag!
  7. Cute!! Thanks for sharing with us the pic!
  8. My friend has this bag she got it during the sale. It's very everyday. Congrats.
  9. wow what a great gucci bag congrats!:yes: it looks like its the perfect size.
  10. Very nice! Thanks for sharing
  11. what?? it was on sale!!! ahhhhhhhhhh lol

    thanks guys :smile:
  12. ooh-love the hardware!
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