My Gucci w/ Nikki Sixx

  1. I went to a Nikki Sixx book signing today, these pictures show case my lovely Gucci and you get to see Nikki.
    P9260013.JPG P9260012.JPG P9260010.JPG
  2. How cool is that...they both look great together!!:p;):tup:
  3. Very cool!
  4. so cool
  5. No Motley Crue fans on this board??
  6. lol, thats cute (the pics, I mean).

    But what bag is that?? I dont recognize it.
  7. That's awesome!
  8. great pics! :tup:
  9. :rochard:Ohh Yeahhhh...............................
    Love the pics.
    We saw Vince Neil when he came and played in our town.
  10. Congrats on meeting Nikki!!! I have loved Motley Crue for over 20 years!!!
  11. Sorry, I do not know the style name of the Gucci bag, but I had it authenticated on the thread.