My Gucci slingbacks' sling is slightly too loose

  1. Is there an easy way to fix this yourself? I thought of perhaps cutting one of those heel-inserts and sticking a thin strip onto the back of the slingback?

    Any other advice?

  2. I believe some cobblers can shorten them
  3. Either shorten them like Mooks said or add a half insert to the toe area of the shoe. It actually helps to push your feet back so the sling fits nicely. I always have this problem with sling backs too! (skinny feet)
  4. ^ Not a bad idea, although I prefer to take ill-fitting shoes to my cobbler. I'm not a fan of inserts or pads because they get kind of grimey sometimes or bunch up.
  5. Footpetals makes Strappy Strips.

    They can be found here:

    They ship for free via first class mail, it's tax free if you live outside of California, and here is a 20% off promo: FPVIPO81

  6. ^^^
    Oh wow, thank you!!
  7. thanks for the advice. I have a pair of slingbacks where I have a similar problem.

    gotta love footpetals. they seem to make everything to make heels fit better on a woman.