My Gucci Shoes collection...

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  1. I started with my first gucci shoes during this Gucci sale.. it is the gucci heart flat that matches my boston and wristlet/scarf... [​IMG]

    then.. it turns into almost an addication.. I bought couple more gucci flats..:yahoo:
  2. Now I have total of 4 gucci flates that I scored during the gucci sales.. here are the family pics...
  3. They are the first gucci gg plus heart flat, then I scored two more flats from the outlet sale.. the unicef tatto heart flat and the gucci gg plus heart in white. The my lastest addition is the tattoo beige flat that I scored from SAKs to match my tattoo beige tote!
  4. This is from another angle

  5. I have already used the gucci hearts in both beige and white color.. can't wait to use the other.. heheh I was trying to get the tattoo blue flat.. but I am not as lucky this time. If you happen to see any floating around.. please let me know! .. but I guess I am totally happy with my 4 new babies!! and I think next sale, I will try to get some heels from Gucci!!!
  6. Very nice! Love all the flats.
  7. thank you flipchickmc.. I can't believe that gucci shoes can be so addicting.. now I am in big trouble.. handbags and shoes!!!
  8. I love Gucci shoes. Thanks for sharing the photos~~
  9. Thanks, Aeonat, I have been waiting for this reveal! PRETTY shoes!
  10. Oh looks soo lovely!
  11. Very cute collection :smile:
  12. Very cute shoes!
  13. M_Butterfly, Bennie, Ayshaa, Chanel, Luckyblonde3295: Thank you all!! I love them too!!
  14. They are all so cute and they all have hearts! lol, I like how you took that pic with them all angled towards each other on the tiles.

    I got my tan red/green heart flats- they are really cute and comfy when I tried them on. They run really big though. Even with a cushion I put in the heel of the shoe there is still a lot of extra space.
  15. nice shoes colcetion