My Gucci sale purchase

  1. I will use this for the gym .. or to the pool or beach. Its cute...not something I would normally buy ...but what a deal!!!
    Picture 052.jpg Picture 053.jpg Picture 054.jpg
  2. Soo cute!
  3. it's cute! what is the material of the bag?
  4. That's wicked cute! Congrats
  5. SO CUTE! Congrats! You will be the most fashionable woman at the go girl!!
  6. Its adorable!! I luvz it!! congrats! :yes:
  7. Its satin or silk?? On the outside, and it seems to be some sort of waterproof material on the inside.
  8. Thats Beautiful Sunshine!! I was going to purchase that bag for school...but I was too afraid i would get it dirty. :sad:
  9. very cute bag! congrats
  10. Very pretty..!! i love it.....except the fact its silk...and me and anything delicate ends up in stains~
  11. What a fabulous tote, Sunshine! You'll be going to the gym and beach in style! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. Sunshine-it's adorable. Everyone at the gym or beach will be distracted by your lovely bag:graucho:.
  13. Gorgeous bag! I love the print! Congrats!
  14. Congrats!! It is awesome. You will be the best looking one there.:biggrin::yes:
  15. How cute! Perfect for the beach!