My Gucci sale purchase came today! PIC

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Sep 20, 2007
Bay Area, California
ok, so I bought a wallet from on Monday. It was an inpulse purchase. It was on sale for a great price. Well, today is Wednesday and they haven't even shipped it yet. I think this is unacceptable. I was advised when I purchased the item that shippment would take 2-3 days plus the time of delivery but I think this is a little rediculous. I'm not even excited about it anymore and to think the darn wallet hasn't even left there warehouse makes me sick. Gucci charges way to much money to be so slow:tdown:. Anyone else out there agree?



Feb 1, 2006
For some reason on line shopping is weird with Gucci...they do ship slowly, and not accomodating like LV...I just know its going to take awhile when I order. :shrugs::shrugs: