My Gucci sale purchase came today! PIC

  1. I ADORE it!!! I think its way more cute than the LV speedy! :nuts:
    pics 678.jpg
  2. I really like these! Congrats!

  3. I love it! :heart:
  4. very cute sunshine..........they have the matching cosmetic bag (maybe the wallet too?) still avail at the bev center, ca store.
  5. what a beauty Sunshine!!!! :yahoo:I can't wait to get mine delivered this week! It just looks sooooo classic to me! Great choice!!!
  6. its sooooo nice!! love the bling on the trim. did you use the 10% discount?? GOOD JOB! Anddd i love your tivoli as well :p
  7. how much did it come out to
  8. it was $535.50 but plus tax mine came out to about $580. The 10% off basically just took off the tax for me. :cursing: I guess it's better than nothing....
  9. I love this bag
  10. I really like this bag....hmmmmm....thoughts going through my mind......

  11. Is it the medium?
  12. congrats!
  13. It is the Medium! I got the 10% off..which I know is not much but I bought 2 (one for my mom for Xmas) every little bit helps! :tup:
  14. Has it got pockets or any storage inside?
  15. :nuts: :heart: :love:

    Congrats! I hope my come soon... Sales tax sucks!