My Gucci Pouch is fraying..

  1. OMG, I thought the quality would be great considering the price tag!!! This is my first and only Gucci, and with this fraying.. I think it'll be my only Gucci canvas. :cursing:

    I got my pink pouch in February at the Gucci store in the Hong Kong airport, and considering that I'm very careful with it I'm not sure what caused it to fray...

    It's fraying at the top part, on the front of the bag; where the zippered pocket connects to the pouch. (I'll post pictures later since I'm at work) I had to cut some of the fraying off before since it was getting too long. It seems like the fabric is slowly coming off... Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. aww sorry to hear. I have the same problem with my pouch (the single department one) and I also have holes on the corners of my tote ;(
  3. btw-no more Gucci canvas for me, they're not durable imo.
  4. my tote frayed on the corners too...i took it back to repair but it has happened again
  5. I hope i dont have my gucci fray.
  6. woah it did?? no way! my chain frayed a bit after a little over a year but i wore that sucker and treated it BADLY haha...AND they couldnt repair it so they just gave me the credit towards a new bag :smile: i would take it in if its THAT bad!! man
  7. oh no! you can get it fixed right?? i hope that doesnt happen to me
  8. How aweful! I would get replacement if possible!!!