My Gucci Minerva sandals are HERE!!! SO HOT!

  1. OMG! What a WONDERFUL, fantabulous, supercalifragilistic day!!! :yahoo::nuts: :wlae:

    MY Gucci Minerva sandals arrived and let me tell you, they look SO HOT on!! OMG, I am in :heart: !!! I no longer feel guilty about the price tag cause the way these sandals are made is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!

    I am never taking them off my feet again. :lol: OK, well obviously I have to but you know, they feel SO wonderful!

    Here they are on my bed, I apologize but I am NOT taking a picture of them on my feet until I get a proper pedicure! :p

  2. :drool: love them!! I want the same ones but in the wedge style! congrats, there beautiful!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. The wedges are GORGEOUS, although, I knew I'd get more use of the flats 'cause I can wear them on vacation several times this summer around the beach, shopping, etc. Go for the wedges, they are gorgeous!!!
  5. nice, how much where they
  6. Awesome shoes! Congrats!
  7. Those are some really classic shoes. I can see them going with a hundred different gucci bags, and nongucci too. I love those, I need to get some.
  8. exactly, I don't feel like I HAVE to wear them with any one specific bag or label. They seem SUPER versatile, and they are that nice deep brown color so I can wear them with SO much!! Sono perfetti, assolutamente perfetto! (haha, that was my best italian)
  9. Congrats they are very pretty and look comfortable too-
  10. yeah, the color is great and they can go from day to night too (so rare).
  11. You think they can go to night too? I was debating that inside my head today. I think if I snaz it up a bit at night with jewelry and a cute summer dress I should be fine, right?
  12. I can DEFINITLEY see those with a dress + some jewelry. They are understated, but for going to a bar or restaurant, they are good enough! Most people overdress.
  13. Congratulations! I really like them. You can totally dress it up/down.
  14. oh my god! i want