my gucci is falling apart!

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  1. I bought a gucci tote last spring from I've noticed lately that the leather trim is not looking so good. It looks like it is starting to fray. What should I do? This bag was not cheap and I really love the bag!
  2. has this happened to antone else?
  3. I would take it to the Gucci store and see what they could do for you. Or even a dept store that sells Gucci.
  4. my leather straps are falling apart too. i have little charms on my bag and the paint is chipped and falling off. :crybaby:
  5. DEFINITELY go to gucci-store!!!!
    One time my leather zipper came off, so I went to the gucci-store and they didn't made a problem of it at all!

  6. I think we might have the same bag. you would think their bags would be made better. None of my other designer bags have ever fallen apart. It makes me think twice about gucci and I LOVE gucci.:crybaby:
  7. yeah--take it back to the Gucci store and show them!
  8. :cursing: This is so frustrating. I have no gucci store nearby. The closest one is 3 to 4 hours away! The Charleston store said I could mail it to them but I would hate not to be there to show them exactly what is wrong. The next time I will be near gucci is in April and my purse will be 1 year old in March. Very frustrating.
  9. my bag is called a jolicouer. i love gucci too...but i must say, their quality isnt that great for the price you pay.:s
  10. Gosh. I love the Jolicoeur tote! Even contemplated getting one.

    Do take it back to the store and keep us posted.
  11. Both my Gucci and Fendi fell apart, I haven't bought any since. I miss those two very much.
  12. I have a medium tote with charms and the straps are also starting to fray!

    Plus, the bottom corners of the bag look like they are fraying too...
  13. I have a gucci fabric messenger bag and it's corners are fraying all over. I guess it's from rubbing against my body as I walk. The bag is about 4 years old and was expensive and now I will soon have to replace it. You would figure that it would last longer than that.
  14. I wonder what's going on with quality control. Gucci is a highly respected brand, but if customers are having issues like fraying, especially with what we pay for them, the brand will lose creditability.

  15. it really upsets me-- :yucky: but you're right, if this continues to happen, people will catch on and Gucci would have to do something!!