My Gucci Horsebit is here Yay!!!!!!!

  1. Mods please merge with my other thread if you don't mind!

    Its so beautiful.I wish I had somewhere to go now:p!

    Sorry I look so rough but bad hair day today and being lazy!

    I put all my stuff in it and I see what you guys are saying the more you put the more heavier it gets.

    I'm already wanting another one.More than likely it'll be the Large.I just found out this evening DH really was set on me getting a large but that lady I was going to purchase from on eBay was dishonest so I settled for getting a smaller one and just buying it from a trusted store.He said that he'll buy me a Large soon and he wants me to have a white,lol.

    Should I listen to my DH?This coming from someone that didn't care to hear about my LV's a year ago,lol.I guess it takes a while for some men to come around.I for DH it was me wanting Gucci!

    Well enough chit chat....I thought I would do a striptease kind of thing although y'all seen this bag over and over,lol.:wlae:

  2. Congrats! Oh, I can *feel* how excited you're.

    It's a great size and look GREAT on you! Ready to take it out for a TGI Friday? :drinks:
  3. Ooh it looks soo good on you!! Congrats!
  4. I love it. looks great on you. I want the large as well.
  5. Beejerry I know I'm being goofy,lol.I can't help it its so gorgeous.You remember the other day I said I would just give up on this model but I'm glad I came to my senses and just left eBay alone.

    Nah I wish I could go to TGI Fridays tonight but I'll wait to celebrate.DH is deployed and he comes home for good but I gotta take bit of a trip just to pick him up so this baby will be going.We could be gone from 3 days to a 1 wk so do you think I should have it with me only or should I take some other bags?
    I usually take 2 or 3 bags at the most.

    Do people do that?Ya know take only one bag on a trip?
  6. Yeah even though I'm excited I'm still wanting the large,lol!
  7. I'm glad to hear your husband will be home for good!

    Take it w/ you! If I were you I could not leave the new baby home. Take another one in case you need it. I usually take two bags w/ me on a trip: one messenger and a big, very beaten canvas bag for my camera.

    Are you going to get a large one in cream/white trim then?
  8. Oh nooooo its going,lol.I'll think of another bag and just have the two.I tend to go over board with bags.This is such good timing cause I gotta pack no later than Mon or Tues cause the rest of the week will be so busy for me.

    Yeah its looking very likely I have a black bag.Now is the cream/white sold on one I had you looking at was a white white color right?
  9. Yup, that's the cream/white trim you're looking at.
  10. Looks great on you!
  11. I love this bag! Congrats!
  12. love it =]
  13. Thanks girls!
  14. Congrats on your new bag, it's really nice on you.
  15. Thanks for your compliment.I appreciate it!