My Gucci got pulled...

  1. Hello! I have been selling for 2 years now on eBay and just started selling high-end handbags...I went on a buying trip to New York and came home with a box full of Gucci handbags (authentic--bought from a Gucci boutique) well just as they were about to end for a great profit....EEEeeerrrrchhhhh...:yucky:eBay yanked them and now won't let me relist??? Is this common? I got an email (in My eBay) stating that Gucci contacted them and said my bags were fakes...Does this happen to anyone else...What am I going to do with $7,000 worth of Gucci if I cannot sell??? Help!

  2. I am so sorry to hear what has happened, however, eBay should send you a link to Gucci Vero whereby you can prove where you purchased the items from. If Gucci are satisfied that they were purchased from an authorised source you should then be able to relist. Gucci do take their time in responding to you though! Good luck.
  3. Return them to gucci. You'll be out "shipping costs", but it's better than being out thousands of dollars.

    I'm looking to buy a gucci (I've never bought a purse on ebay before), but I don't know where to start. there are so many fakes out there! Is there a list of sellers ON HERE that are reputable? :smile:

  4. If you brought them recently I take it you still have receipts? Always put them into listings.
    I cant understand though if you brought them recently how you managed to make a profit on them surely you paid full price for them and therefore they were getting the deal and you were loosing out. I cant see how they were paying more than the retail price!!!
  5. She probably went to the outlets at Woodbury Commons. There is a Gucci outlet there. Although when I went there and looked their prices really weren't that great. There's a Chanel outlet there too, which was the same deal. Neither really had that many bags and the prices really weren't significantly discounted. I was able to pick up a nice Prada bag at the Prada outlet though!
  6. Call ebay. Tell them you have the receipts.