My Gucci ensemble sale stuff modeling;)

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463778429.266231.jpg

    I love my bag and my driving shoes!! All on sale! Score. I love Gucci shoes period, especially pumps, and never got the driving moccasins, but love them! Also obsessed with this bag. I am in a hotel room on a quick overnight and took both because on the bay so very laid back.

    Now, should I also consider this Emily? Back and forth but a beauty as well...ATTACH]3361002[/ATTACH]

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  2. Love your items, you look great!
  3. Love your outfit!

    Congratulations on the shoes and the bag, the leather on the Daily is so superb

    If you ever wanted an Emily get it now! They'll all be gone
  4. Excellent choices 🤗
  5. Beautiful finds!
  6. Congrats on your new beauties :smile:

  7. Thanks girl! Ok...may need to go get it;). Loving a Ysl tote too. And too many new guccis out that I love! Ugh!

  8. Thank you!
  9. Thanks all! Love love the leather on the daily. This is my 2nd one from this line and hope the Marmont bag I get next is just as amazing. The leather, dare I say, reminds me of a few Hermes bags I have!
  10. :yes: exactly what I thought, I was severely tempted.

    In the end I bought the pink Interlocking chain bag as I think it will be a better day-evening, but it was hard to take off the black shoulder Daily

  11. What is the pink interlocking chain bag? Sound cute!
  12. Perfection!

  13. Thanks Dawn!
  14. Love your new shoes and bag! What percent discount were the shoes and where did you buy them? Thanks!!
  15. I love Emily bags I hv 3 of them def my most used bags
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