my gucci, don't know if i should laugh or cry

  1. so my bday is coming up and mom being all nice decided to buy me a gucci bag. we went to the store and i knew i wanted this one tote bag or the new abbey one. and since my mom was paying i let her decide. But at the same time the SA came over and start saying how the tote bag is versatile. it can be a duffle bag or a tote bag and i was wow... so i bought that one. when i got online and tried to check on it they didn't have it. Turns out it was in the luggage section, and OMG... u guys look...Gucci
    read the description on the right and you'll understand... THE SA IS NEVER RIGHT ALL THE TIME!
    sigh... i still like it though! what do you guys think?
  2. Well, its a diaper bag as what it stated. I think its pretty nice... I don't think its reversible in the pic?

    So, how do you think of the bag?
  3. i like it that 's why i bought it, but like i feel hella stupid cux i think i should have known that the pad is a chaning pad for a baby.. but i listened to the woman and she said it's for support
  4. LOL!! She said the changing pad is in there for support? WTF? That is too funny. Ok, seriously, its a gorgeous bag, just taake out the extra "support" :smile:
  5. That is definitely a laugh! If you still really like it, keep it. If not, take it back and get the other one you were looking at.:yes:
  6. Wow that is funny. I think the bag is cute and it doesn't really look like a diaper bag. My friend has the other Gucci diaper bag and it look totally different. The one you bought looks more like a tote.
  7. The bag is super cute but I would have been irritated at the SA for not disclosing to you that it's original purpose was a diaper bag.
  8. :cursing: That ticks me off! I would go back to the store and ask that SA why she told you the 'pad' was for SUPPORT!? What an idiot..Either she really is dumb or she was pushing a sale...The bag is great..I love totes....But that SA imo does not represent Gucci well at all...If you like the bag..Keep it..But I would still go in and rip her a new a** hole...Sorry I'm ovulating..:heart: Emmy
  9. I dont like that she told you the pad was for support. I wonder if she really didnt know.

    Either way, it is still a CUTE bag. If I saw the bag on a woman, I would never think oh, that is a diaper bag.
  10. it doesnt look likem a diaper bag but id be irked if i were you..
  11. you guys are funny, and yeh i was pretty upset. but i don't thinks she meant it, cux actually there were 2 SA who told me that. i think ALL of them didnt' know it was a diaper bag and thought it was a duffle bag.. sigh watever though. hahha
  12. Looks like a nice all purpose tote to me, just keep it if you like it.
  13. i love your bag! but then again, i've got 2 babies. i begged my husband for one, but he said no way. maybe you can exchange yours for the other one you wanted. either way, it's a gorgeous bag
  14. It looks like a regular tote to me... Hmm. If you still love it, keep it? Otherwise, go back to the store and ask the SA for an exchange.
  15. It Is A Nice Bag But In My Opinion You Should Return It, Because Thats Alot Of $$ To Spend On A Bag You Don't Love- Our Bags Are To Be Treasured...if You Don't Like It Return It, If You Love It Keep It, If We Cared About What People Thought(i.e- Whether Or Not It Is A Diaper Bag) Half Of Us Would Not Be Buying Designer Bags-we Would Get Slammed With How Much Did You Pay-questions-lol, Take A Pic And Post-i'll Be Honest-promise!
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