My Gucci cosmetic bag... show yours!

  1. Medium cosmetic case, very functional.






  2. Wow thanks for sharing. I really want to add the same one to my cosmetic collection. Now that I've seen an actual pictures I will 100% be making my purchase soon. This is the same one I've been eyeing and a few others. Holds a good amount
  3. I've been using my vintage Gucci for all of my accessory needs for a while now and I've been recently thinking that I want to upgrade (:cool:) and yours is beautiful. Congrats!! Love the leather. Never needed to change from the vintage because it is in such great shape still after all these years but it's time for something guccissima, I think. I've been looking at the guccissima accessories in the tan color. Think I'm gonna go for it!! But I can't sell the vintage, kinda got a soft spot for 'em!! :p
    vintage gucci accessories.jpg
  4. Nice cosmetic bag. Will post a pic of mine up when i got time.
  5. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You go buy it girl :smile:
  6. nice pouch! the only prob that i have is that the pouches are a little stiff to get into....
  7. Thaks for showing. That little thing can hold a lot (I want one too now :lol:)

    How fantastic that these pieces have kept so well, it's a real tribute to Gucci :salute:
  8. Here's my first Gucci piece (and only one so far)! Does anyone own the lovely cosmetic case? I'm wondering if it can be carried as a purse?
  9. I love that color what is the name of it ? Congrats on your new piece !
  10. Beautiful!!
  11. I know, huh? I think it's utterly AMAZING that these are over 20 years old, used daily (and not very nicely, I might add) and they are like brand new. Only wear I can see is a little tarnishing on the GG zipper pull. Even the corners are like brand new...AMAZING!!!
  12. I love the pink cosmetic bag but honestly doesn't look like it holds a lot.. So pretty though and I would use it as a small bag :smile:)
  13. image-3410948071.jpg


    I love this cosmetic bag because it is the rubberized material in the outside ...easy to clean
  14. Nice
  15. Thanks, sorry I just saw this post. It's a red guccissima leather cosmetic case. I bought it from the outlet in Vacaville, CA. On Valentine's Day. :love: