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  1. Here it is!
    DSCN5043.JPG DSCN5044.JPG
  2. bump
  3. Eeesh! It is the same style although the leather was that pretty mandarin, It's gorgeous, by the time I finally made up my mind it was gone. Thanks for posting!
  4. Ooooh, I wanna see that!
  5. Beautiful bag....I considered buying that tote in the fall, but I'm so paranoid about "open" bags that I passed. Good choice though! Enjoy it!
  6. Cute
  7. Beautiful bag. Very chic!!
  8. Nice tote, I'm in the market for one myself!
  9. Thanks!
  10. Nice!
  11. Good one! I like it a lot!
  12. OH, this one I like, like very much like....
    Nice bag you got.... :smile:

  13. Thanks guys!
    Anyone want it? LOL! I'm already ready to sell it!
  14. Ah, now you just made me want it even more, hehe...

  15. Very, very pretty!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.