My Gryson Skye just arrived!

  1. I ordered a Gryson woven Skye from the pursestore, and it's amazing! I am so thrilled with it. I was really nervous about it being too small, but it's perfect for me. The woven detail is gorgeous, and although it's definitely a sturdy bag, it's hardly the heaviest I own. It smells yummy...there's really nothing I find wrong with it, and I can be really picky! I highly recommend it. I already want another one in a different color!
  2. Congrats! What color? Post pics when you can.
  3. Ooh, post pics. Congrats..I love that bag!
  4. It's black! Now I want a cerise and blue jeans! I'm sick.
  5. Not sick just very good taste! Love both the cerise and blue jean.:smile:
  6. The cerise color is gorgeous! Maybe you should get another style though if you're going to go for another woven.
  7. I know, it's just that the Olivia seems a little too big for me, and the Jasper's just gigantic. I'm only 5'4", and although I like relatively big bags, that seems like it'd look ridiculous on me. The Tate seems a little too square. Any other styles in woven?
  8. i got my gryson skye today and i agree it's gorgeous!! love the bag already.

    very tempted to get another one from the gryson sale...
  9. I'm in love w/ the Skye too.. has anyone encountered problems with getting in or out of the bag? That is the only complaint I've heard.

  10. I have a Skye in nylon and one coming in chocolate.

    Just slide the shoulder straps so they are underneath the bag. The hardware that attaches them swival so you can do this. This way the bag is easy to enter.

    Also, I tend to keep the bag unzipped somewhat. The structure holds it closed enough for me.
  11. I told you I was sick. I just ordered the woven skye in cerise! I'm so excited, I'm hyperventilating! It was sooo hard to find one; perserverance at its best! Woo Hoo!!!

  12. ha ha, well if you're sick, then we're all infected! I just recently got an Olivia in mushroom and a few days ago ordered the Jasper in blue jean. The sale was too good to pass on. Congrats on your Cerise Skye.:tup:
  13. My nylon Skye arrived today and I think I'm in love. The suede lining is amazing, and the nylon is like nothing I've ever seen. I'm really ecstatic about it.
  14. awesome, i really like gryson's skye - are the shoulder straps long enough to be crossbody straps?
  15. They might be if you're fairly thin, otherwise, probably not!