My growling collection~~ haha

  1. with a few more items coming in next week :yahoo:



  2. Great collection!! thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Love the Manhattan and Poppy coin purse! The Laegacy bag and azur koala are lovely as well.
  4. Lovely collection!:love: Is the flower charm hanging off your azur speedy made by COACH?
  5. luv the azur!
  6. Your welcome! I am so debating another damier speedy for the fall....
  7. My Manhattan=:heart: and that Poppy coin purse is so perfect for spring!!!

    The Legacy was a birthday present from my dad :heart: and the Koala is now my favorite wallet in the world.

    Thank you!!
  8. It sure is! Sooo springy and summery!!
  9. Thankya!! My pochette is somewhere between here and TN in a USPS plane/train/automobile :p haha~
  10. Great collection!
  11. Thanks! I love your signature!
  12. Love the azur!!
  13. Gorgeous collection!!! I love everything!!!!!!
  14. Pretty collection :smile:
  15. I love you're collection... especially the Coach poppy coin purse!