My GROWING collecton

  1. I have never posted my bags for everyone to see. Here is a few pics and I need to ask for some advice.
    Back to front:
    Marron Weekender
    Grenat Part Time
    Black City
    Natural Coin Purse
    Black Coin Purse
    Greige First
    Truffle Purse
    Blueberry Makeup
    Black Day
    Magenta Pouchette
    Grenat Toilet
    (I also have a Truffle Shoulder and Large black Toilet Case that are not in the pic) I was wondering...I have a chance in getting a used '05 Bordeaux you think I should get it or keep my money and put it toward another bag I want?! I still want to add a Box, Work, Mini Bowling, New Hobo and Shoulder to my collection. I REALLY want to get something in Aquamarine and Sandstone. Please I need some opinions!
  2. hey where's the pic?
  3. Sorry, here are the pics.




  4. Here are a few more!


  5. I love your toilet's, coin purses & greige first :heart: What a beautiful collection!
  6. Beautiful collection! I'm one of those people who branches out by trying a new style, so I'd say pass on the Weekender and get one of the new colors in one of the styles you're still looking for.
  7. Thanks:
    verte, I love my smaller toilet. I haven't used my Greige First yet. I think the black Large toilet is too big for me.
    highglossfinish, I think I have to agree even though the Weekender is at a good price. I really want the other styles and I already have a Weekender.
  8. '05 Bordeaux Weekender - I don't have a weekender, but I love the looks of them on seahorseinstripes (I hope I have her name right). The newer bags will be around for a while - the '05 bordeaux weekender, I think, would be a rarity. :yes:
  9. Aww, what a shame - it's lovely :girlsigh:

    Why haven't you used the Greige yet? Do you feel the First is too small?
  10. I'll add some of your photos for you so that everyone can see them easily.


  11. Yeah, I hate that the the large toilet is too big but I think it would better suit someone who travels a lot. I would rather get a bag I will use more often. I haven't used my First yet because I want to put For Handles Only on the handles before I use it so the handles won't get dark. I can't wait to use it. I normally wear larger bags but I really wanted to try a First and maybe use it more for a going out bag.
  12. Thankslovelygarments for blowing up my pic. I still have not figured out how to do that.
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