My growing collection...

  1. I already have a thread that showcases my collection but I sold ALL pieces except for one (Black Epi Speedy)! So, I decided I needed a new thread to show my new collection!

    Picture 1 - Black LV Epi Speedy (not sure about the size...25 or 30)

    Picture 2 - Black LV Epi Speedy with Rock & Republic scarf with sculls

    Picture 3 - LV Damier Speedy 25 and Damier Pochette Cosmetique

    Picture 4 - Beige LV Vernis Lexington

    Picture 5 - LV Multicolour mirror in black and Coeur in white
    Epi Speedy.JPG Epi Speedy with RR scarf 1.JPG Damier Speedy and make-up case 1.JPG Vernis Lexington in Beige.JPG MC pieces 1.JPG
  2. Picture 1 - MC pieces together

    Picture 2 - LV accessories together

    Picture 3 - Damier Speedy and MC Coeur

    Picture 4 - LV collection

    Picture 5 - Hot pink Chanel agenda in caviar leather
    MC pieces 1.JPG Accessories together 1.JPG Damier Speedy with MC heart 2.JPG LV Collection.JPG agenda 1.1.jpg
  3. Picture 1 - Another pic of Chanel agenda

    Picture 2 - Chanel wallet

    Picture 3 - Another pic of Chanel wallet

    Picture 4 - Bulga hobo in brown

    Picture 5 - Another pic of Bulga hobo
    agenda 2.1.JPG 5.jpg 2.jpg Bulga 1.JPG Bulga 2.JPG
  4. And finally, pictures of my whole collection with and without flash...

    Items missing in the pictures:
    - LV Soupcon sunglasses
    - Orange Perfo Cles
    My Collection 1.JPG My Collection 2.JPG
  5. Love all of your items! I think my fav is the damier speedy, or the epi speedy- love them all!
  6. Your collection is beautiful, especially that pink Chanel agenda...
  7. Beautiful collection:smile:
  8. Thank you everyone!
  9. I LOVE all of your things and I really like the gold heat stamp on the speedy. It looks great and the Chanel agenda is the most beautiful colour pink..
  10. Fantastic bags!
  11. wow you have awesome taste!!!!! great bags and accesssories
  12. I love your speedies!!
  13. Love the black Speedy :love:
    Great collection!
  14. Such Nice LV!
    Love your collection!
  15. What GREAT pictures! I love your collection. Thanks for sharing!