My Growing Collection of LV & Chanel

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  1. OMG Awesome collection! You have so MANY beautiful bags. Thank you for sharing the pics. I love your Chanels the best, followed by your LE LVs. And I think this LV bag is super cute!
  2. I love love love the Multicolor bags, the Suhalis and the Chanels... :love: A few of my all time Holy Grail bags are in your collection! So lovely!:girlsigh:
    Wear them in good health!
  3. More from my collection.

    Watercolor papallon


    Chanel Caviar medium flap

  4. Wow! I love all yuor Lv and Chanels!

    I love this one the most!
  5. wow that's a lot of purses! very beautiful! :tup:
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments! I'll post more when I have time. Lots more bags.
  7. Great collection!
  8. wow..breathtaking collection! I love how you have classic colors and such divine pieces! You obviously know what style bags you like and I love how you got different colors and white mc, suhali, brown and white wc, red and white vernis...etc..
    I wish I can live in your bag closet! Such variety~
  9. Okay...... i.............HATE YOU!!!!!!!! :hysteric: ....okay, not really, but i want your Gracies soooo badly. they are in gorgeous condition. your entire collection is so fabulous
  10. I love your collection!!!!!
  11. Super fab collection, thanks for posting!!!
  12. Thanks, I try to take care of my bags when I carry them, they are like an artwork except you can cary them on your arms. :sunshine:
  13. More bags from my collection.

    LV Segur MM Epi

    White Chanel Caviar JUMBO

    Christian Lady Dior Cannage in Baby Blue

    Chanel Caviar bags with Gold Hardware

    One of my favorite, Brown T. Suhali
  14. More bags...

    My recent addition, Jumbo Chanel Metallic in Dark brown with wallet


    Chanel Jumbo Black Metallic with black hardware. I luv this one!

    Ivory Chanel Lambskin medium flap with Gold Hardware.

    Chanel Caviar Kelly Bag in Silver Hardware.
  15. Wow, I love these bags! :heart: