My Growing Collection of LV & Chanel

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  1. Great collection! I am in :love: with them all!!
  2. OH MY GOSH! What a large collection, and very amazing. I wish I was you!
  3. Here are a few more photos of my bag collection.

    Suhali in Black and Chanel Patent Madison in Gold.
  4. WOW. i absolutely love your collection!!! i love the cherry blossom retro sac and the white MC....and your Chanels too...simply divine!!
  5. Here is a few more pics...

    Chanel red patent diamond shine

    LV Vernis Rosewood in Red & White


    LV Epi Madeleine in Red & White


    Purple Chanel perforated flap.

  6. One of my favorite, 09 cruise Red Caviar Jumbo.


    Black Suhali PM with heart keychain



    Chanel black patent leather


    LV aquarelle w/ snakeskin

  7. sooooooooooooooooo great..............u r soooooooooooooo rich....I hope one day I can buy as many as I u
  8. you have a stunning collection !!!!!!!
    Love it all :yahoo::drool::heart::love:
  9. I love your collection.
  10. [​IMG]
    :nuts: Love your collection. They are all beautiful :tup:.
  11. OMG :faint:!!! Great, great ,great collection :tup:.
  12. Stunning Collection! I love every piece!
  13. OMG ! You have a PAIR of MC gracies ?! Amazing ! :heart:
  14. ayla,

    Thanks for the nice comments. Yes I luv the MC gracies, one of my favorites next to the MC Thedas.
  15. Love, love your pink Chanels and your LV CB is TDF!!