My growing Chloe Collection

  1. And soon to arrive "Chloe Edith Pocket Bowler" in white.

    18a Chloe.jpg 24a Chloe Square Paddy.jpg 23a Chloe Edith.jpg
  2. Love the brown Paddy!
  3. ooohhh! Nice bags!!!
    I have been thinking of getting my first chloe! an Edith ... are they as heavy as the paddy?
  4. Very nice! I really like the color of the Paddy

  5. Not much difference though...I would say slightly lighter than the Paddy.

  6. Your Chloe's are TDF!!!!!!:love: Love each one! The leather looks scrumptious!!! YUM!:drool:
  7. Thanks everyone for the compliment!!!

  8. ooh i love your brown paddy! i have the same one in orange!:love: :wlae: did you get it in spore? I got mine from the link in spore which didnt have brown.
  9. Great Chloe pieces, the leather looks amazing!
  10. I love your chloe collection. Pls post pictures of your white Edith after u received it. ;)
  11. Thanks! I got mine in Hong Kong's "On Pedder" boutique.

  12. love your paddingtons
  13. Very nice :smile:
  14. Nice bags! Thanks for sharing!
  15. fantastic! I love them!