My growing addiction

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  1. And I blame each and everyone of you for getting me hooked ;)


    All pre-LVed. Petit bucket has been relined and the Speedy 25 has a new zipper.
  2. You have a great collection of classics, congrats :biggrin: And yes, TPF feeds addiction.
  3. nice collection!!!! curious how much is it to get a bag relined?
  4. I feel your "pain". :biggrin: Just got my Mono Speedy 30 two weeks ago and already planning my next purchase.:nuts: LV is extremely addictive.

    That's a great collection you have.:graucho:
  5. Nice collection :smile:
  6. you have a great collections!
  7. Love it!!!
  8. Where is a good place to look for pre LoVed? I'm too scared it would be a fake!
  9. Ebay ! Just find a reputable seller and if in doubt, use this forum to authenticate. Just to be absolutely sure, I've brought them to the local LV store. Don't think they'll be replacing zippers or relining replicas :P.
  10. Those are gorgeous bags!!!!
  11. loveee the collection :smile:
  12. Gorgeous patina, I Love pre-loved LV!! I am a neighbor!!! Have you been to the Bravern LV yet??
  13. Yes. Very helpful SAs. I had my Speedy zipper replaced there.
  14. SOOOO pretty!!!!
  15. LVoe PreLVoed items. Congrats!