My gross, obnoxious coworker...

  1. So, I work in my company's accounting department, and sit next to our Staff Accountant, a loud-mouth, obnoxious woman who LOVES to complain about anything and everything... She's grossly obese and a diabetic -- which I understand in and of itself isn't her fault, but she is constantly b*tching and moaning about the negative affects it has on her health, without taking any sort of proactive approach to make it better.

    Anyhow, today she was on the phone with one of her relatives, and I could overhear her conversation (our desks are way too close together, but there's no room in our tiny office to move any further away from her...) She was talking about visiting her orthopedic doctor, and said loudly enough that our entire department could hear her, "Remember when I had to have my toe amputated? Well, I noticed a big, bleeding scab on the stump this morning, so I think I have to get it checked out again." :throwup:

    Seriously, I was sitting at my desk GAGGING. Good thing I hadn't eaten anything in several hours, or I'd have turned around and vomited all over her! One of the other ladies in the department sent me an email. It had one line: "She's making me sick."

    What is with people thinking it's appropriate to talk about crap like that in the workplace?! Not only is it extremely unprofessional, but it's just plain disgusting! Just had to vent...
  2. Haha, I know exactly what you mean..I too have an annoying coworker who loves to be negative about everything. I feel your pain..
  3. Oh yuck! I'm so sorry to hear that. :flowers: It's tough being stuck next to someone who has no consideration for others.
  4. ew!
  5. Well, if it is any consolation, it sounds like she is on her way to losing more of her foot, and she is probably in continuous pain, and if that is the case, she is in all probability taking medications that alter her personality and mode of expression to some extent, in case the underlying condition isn't doing that already, and really has no business being in a workplace in the first place, and is probably there just for the insurance, without which she would be unable to visit orthopedic or other doctors, and while her co-workers are able to go out the door and not give her another thought, she must take what is left of her foot, complete with all the unlovely aspects of its final days home with her.
  6. I feel for you t:huh:... I have a non-stop, self-centered, complainer, pothead co-worker who acts like she's 15 but is trapped in a 35 yr old's body. Sometimes... I imagine myself in a bubble.. letting what she says in through 1 ear out the other... :whistle: Hang in there ~! Just thank goodness you don't have what she has~!
  7. I doubt she will be around too much longer. it sounds to me like she is a medical time bomb.
  8. Too bad her health is so bad, I used to work with a grossly obese man who complained all day about his health but I would catch him eating Poptarts all the time, it's something I'm grateful not to have to deal with anymore- I've been unemployed for over 2 months now.
    Your coworker sounds like she's of the same ilk.
  9. Wow- where is the compassion for another human being? You may feel that her actions are unprofessional but have you ever tried talking to her? Explaining to her that this makes you uncomfortable. Sorry, I just don't take to slamming people because their Obese, Diabetic or have any health issues for that matter. :heart:
  10. I don't think the OP was slamming her coworker because she is obese or diabetic, but rather because she chooses to do nothing about it and instead complains all the time. I can understand the OP, I tend to reserve my compassion for people who make an effort to solve their issues instead of reveling in complaining about it.

    As for her foot, at least she's taking care of that by going to the doctor. I don't see why she has to announce it to the office though, unless it's for more attention.
  11. If we all reserved our compassion for people making an effort to solve their issues as you say. Then we would be a perfect world and the word compassion would never exist then would it. Sometimes it takes the "Bigger Person" to reach out to those and help affect a change or help them see things they may be unaware of. JMHO
  12. I don't usually excuse anyone's constant complaining, but I don't get so bothered by older people w/ health problems. They can be a pain to work with (I work with two of them), but I feel they kind of earn it at that stage. My grandma is older and she has a few health problems. She does complain a LOT and it drives me crazy, but I hope no one is looking down on her.
  13. Ick. TMI, way TMI. I feel for you. I consider myself fairly compassionate, but I do have my limits.
  14. I think a major part of the problem is the fact that this is taking place in the
    work place, it's unprofessional to allow your personal life to be overheard by coworkers etc. on a regular basis, especially when it is all negative. It's like being stuck in an elevator with a smoker when you don't smoke.
  15. Well maybe if enough of you complain about it, they can find some reason to fire her, and without insurance, the time of her suffering is likely to be decreased by a year or more.