My Groovee Zipper Pull Ripped off!

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  1. I was at my sister's wedding dinner, when I went to open my bag. I didn't even OPEN it yet, when I noticed that the zipper pull (leather part) was in my hand! This was a $500 bag, and it rips off?

    The thing that gets me is--i never used the zipper pull! (it was in my hand because it was in the way of the metal part, i had to move it) I always grabbed the ACTUAL metal part of the zipper to open it, not the leather loop. Even then, I rarely zip my bag! Only did so because I didn't want food to fall in it. So so bummed, it was my favorite bag.

    I mean the bag still functions, but the fact that this is a $500 bag, i would expect the quality to be better! I looked and there was a hole where the stud goes through to hold it all together. It didn't even catch the leather, but rather the thinner plastic/leather sealant stuff.

    Even though I don't use that part, I don't think I'd like carrying the bag knowing that there's something wrong with it, that has nothing to do with me. If I can get a new one, then why not? And plus, I always liked the way it looked when it dangled...

    I'm just so so bummed...

    I'm going to try and exchange it for another at bloomies--I saw one there last week. Do you think they will let me? I have everything from the original purchase...

    To some, it may not be a big deal, but for me, it sure is!
  2. do you have pics? im so sorry to hear about this hon! :hugs:
  3. ^^I'm charging my battery as we speak!
  4. Man, these MBMJ bags sure seem to be not as great quality as they used to be… there's A LOT of stories like these in the last couple of weeks!

    So sorry, hope they will replace it!!
  5. If they don't have a replacement you can always send it to MJ repairs. I know what you mean about a bag not being perfect. Even if most people can't see it you know it's there.
  6. im sure it's fixable...i'll wait for pics
  7. As I said, the hole was not through the leather, it's through a paper thin area--it seems to be the same stuff that is put around the edges to seal it. It's hard to see in the pic, but here it is.

    edit: thanks to the handy dandy magnifying powers of the camera, it does look like leather...just really really really thin.

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  8. oh bummer! that is too bad...I think a lot of people are having mbmj issues lately which is too bad, as the bags are sooo stylish and cool. I am sure you can have it repaired!! let us know what happens!
  9. ^^So they don't only fix MJ collection bags?
  10. The SAME EXACT thing happened to my Groovee.
    My friend decided to pick up the entire bag by the zipper pull. I wanted to kill him right there.
    I still haven't had mine fixed... I tried to unscrew the hardware, but I don't think it unscrews (it just appears to be a screw). I don't really know what to do about it.

    Can anyone 100% confirm that MJ repairs will repair MBMJ bags?
  11. im pretty sure they will. and i think the hardware unscrews too. you have to hold one end still, and apply pressure and turn.
  12. omg that is ridic! they SHOULD repair it! you paid $500 for that, it should be repaired.
  13. It should be fixable! dont worry-just complain nonstop
  14. #14 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    Sorry to hear that! I actually completely returned my MbMJ Grovee because it started to rip. I got a different bag from a different company instead. I actually returned the bag twice -- 2 weeks after purchase there was a hole forming in the corner and I loved this bag so much that I exchanged it for the same bag, same color. Three days later that bag the leather started to flake at the corners. The girl at Bloomie's tried to give me a hard time, stating that it was because of the thin leather, etc. and I told her I just wasn't satisfied so they returned it for me.
  15. coronita, that's horrible. You mentioned the thin leather. Was is one of the new Groovees?

    I'm a little afraid to carry my Groovee now. So many bad experiences.