My Groom Poch. Wallet has arrived!!!

  1. Well here it Groom Pochette Wallet!!!:yahoo:

    When I first got it...I started thinking I don't know. As far as it being "red" or "trendy" maybe (???)...more on that subj. here: (btw, this was before I recieved it..)

    Then after I got it...I read what everyone said in the thread I posted above....and also put my new wallet inside some of my bags to see how it looked and... was LOVE!!!:love:


    :rochard: Thanks all for helping me out!! U GUYS ROCK!!:rochard:

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! :yes:
  3. Very nice!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. congratulations.. very nice!
  5. Thank you all soooo much!!! I'm so glad this whole ordeal is over and that I'm happy with my groom poch afterall. For those of you that don't know....(I posted stuff about the "groom poch." situation here and there on tPF boards..)

    Here's the condensed version:

    LOL!! I had bought the groom cles, ronde, and zippy org. on 9/26. Planned on exchanging the zippy org. for the poch wallet/or zip compact blue wallet. Finally decided to go for the red poch wallet. Well, LV was holding the Poch Wall for me. I went to do the exch., freaked out (so to speak) on the size cuz I was used to tiny wallets ( I had been using the Ludlow). So, just returned the zippy org. and left LV. I had second thoughts on the way home, ordered it from Elux and the rest is "like they say".......

    :wlae: ........actually........"LV H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!!":wlae:
  6. Congrats ! Glad you decided on a groom wallet ! :yes:
  7. Congratulations!! I LOVE the Red color!!!
  8. Congrats, it's pretty....

    Love red stripe..I haven't got my groom fix yet..
  9. I'm glad you love it!!
  10. Thx everyone!!!!!!!!!!!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  11. Thx Bagsnbags!! Come on now g-friend....U need a lil groom-fix:yes: ....Just a lil one perhaps?? :graucho:
  12. OMG me 2!!!!!!! LOL, I was beginning to drive myself craZZZy!!:wacko: Heehee!!:lol:
  13. I have the groom pouchette wallet has well and it is my fav LV purchase ever. It is fun, trendy, limited, chic, for everyday and gorgeous. You made an excellent choice. Do you not love it to bits? The red interior is wicked and the red and white stripes with the groom are so unique. I love red has well so it goes with many of my Gucci bags, one of my Prada's and of course my LV's. Congrats it is my fav from the groom collection!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats ....the groom range isn't launched at my store until Friday. I adore that wallet..great choice:love:
  15. Thanks!! ...and Congrats to you as well on this AWESOME wallet!!

    Yep, I love the RED color (hence my color font) Heehee!!! It is such a nice wallet!!! Red is one of my fav colors!! I am drawn to red! Ya, it goes w/ my new red epi speedy!! :yahoo: Also my Cerise speedy!! Then with all my mono bags, and's perfect!! So for those bags it adds a bit of color. It's just plain HOT! :devil: Ya, isn't it fun how it goes w/ your bags??!! Love that!:wlae:

    Thanks!!!!!!!! Do you plan on picking up something?? If so what?? Let us know...;)