My Griege city arrived today and it is.... Natural!&*#@!

  1. I was so excited that I had finally found a Greige city at Shirise in Chicago (thanks to another wonderful PFer). I paid for 2nd day air, it arrived today and it is a bouncing baby...Natural! I cannot believe it! I had my Natural city from BalNY all wrapped up to be sent back (I think the color is a bit green). When I opened the new bag and saw the color, I quickly opened the one waiting to be returned and they are both Natural! I will say the second one is from a different leather lot and I maybe like it a bit better, but it is not GREIGE!!!! Should there have been any doubt, I confirmed that the letter 'V' code is from spring/summer 07!!!! Acckkkkkk! I am going to call now to find out what their return policy is and at the very least ask for my 2nd day air shipping charges to be refunded.
  2. Yes, I would have them send the greige to you and refund the shipping!
  3. I don't think they ever had a greige at all. Think what they believed to be greige is actually natural.
  4. Aw, so sorry it wasn't what you wanted that's terrible but thank god you can return it! It must have been terribly disapointing to open the box and it was not what you were expecting.~ :sad:
  5. awww... so soryy :crybaby:
    i'll hope u'll get your griege soon :yes:
  6. Oh, FlipFlop, that stinks!!!!!!

    Yes, they should give you a refund on the shipping. Plus an apology. AND maybe a nice discount on your next purchase????

    See if you can work it!
  7. Oh I'm so sorry Flipflop this is completely their fault - there are too many SAs out there who just don't know what they are talking about...*sigh*
  8. Who was your SA? I think there are one or two people at that store who don't know much about B-bags. I was in there one day talking to one guy and he didn't know much about them. I hope you get what you want. I have always had good experience with them. Is it a city with gold hardware or the regular? Do you like it? I know you wanted greige but I am curious about the natural city.
  9. It has regular hardward.... I am actually liking this one more than the one from BalNY, the color seems to be a bit better. We haven't seen the sun here in Austin for about two weeks, so kind of waiting to see how it looks in sunlight, as it will be a great summer bag. My SA was Veronica.... she has to talk to a manager about refunding my shipping charge. I have verified that I did recevie the correct bag, unfortunately they were thinking it was 'greige' when in fact it is 'natural'. E'est la vie....
  10. I think youre just meant to own a Natural bag! its a sign. ha.
  11. Kind of thinking the same thing! :yes:
  12. so sorry to hear that. i hope you get your shipping money back, but i do think you and natural were meant to be!!!
  13. Natural is growing on me, and the leather on the 2nd bag is better than the leather on the first. May be a keeper after all!
  14. The same thing happened to me. Well, is "cement" the same as "greige"? I ordered a "cement" and/or "greige", but received a natural. I didn't even know it was a natural until I saw different pics of both colors on TPF. I noticed that my bag looked a lot closer to natural than the other color. I called the store back to see if they could check the color code and the SA said it was indeed the natural. I just kept it because a few weeks had already passed, plus I like it. How strange though!
  15. Very strange.... it would be nice if they would put a color code somewhere on the bag so problems like this don't pop up. Meanwhile I have tracked down what I am being told is a greige twiggy and it is being held for me. I don't even know if I like the twiggy style.... I do have a Coach Daphne that I believe is the same dimensions that I absolutely love, though. What to do? Keep the natural city (seems like the thing to do now) and/or have the 'greige' twiggy shipped????