my grey zip clutch!

  1. i took a trip to the mj boutique in soho today. i wasn't expecting to buy anything, but after seeing the zip clutches, i couldn't resist! i gave away my mouse zc to my mother a few months ago. she loved it so much that i let her keep it. luckily, grey was coming out for fall (i'd say it's about two shades darker than mouse), and it looks amazing with the gold hardware. i can retire my mbmj chalk softy zip clutch now until next summer. :yahoo:
    mj zip clutch in grey.jpg
  2. Love the colour. congrats!
  3. i got the same clutch last week! surprisingly, it looks lovely with my peanut Blake.
  4. Love it!!
  5. Oooooh - It looks like "platinum" :drool::heart::drool: - Very classy!
  6. I love it - congrats on your purchase!
  7. ooh congrats its lovely!
  8. I really love gray and your new ZC is no exception! The color is sooo stunning, yet subtle at the same time - if that makes any sense! Congratulations! And you're such a nice daughter to give your mom a beloved ZC!
  9. Congrats, that color looks gorgeous in the zc.
  10. What a beautiful ZC:heart::yes:
  11. lol muggles, you're really making the rounds, i have seen your name on so many threads today.

    anyway,it's a beautiful zc, i wonder when they go on sale, i need one but I wanted the electric blue, it was gorgeous, but as usual, i want it on sale.
  12. now you just need a grey stam to match :smile: congrats, its beautiful!
  13. I just love that color...mj zip clutch is my fav wallet ever..Congrats!!!!
  14. :drool:
  15. gorgeous wallet! I love the color.