My grey wisteria is finally here! (knock on wood!)

  1. As some of you may recall, I bought the grey wisteria from Jomashop last month. They had sent me the wrong bag (not even a spy:tdown:) and after sending the bag back and calling their customer service people every single day for a week, my bag was shipped out and arrived today.

    I'm going to cry if it's the wrong bag again:wtf: so please cross your fingers for me it's the right bag!

    I'll post pics tonight it anyone wants to see. :heart:
  2. fingers crossed!
  3. Oh, good luck!!
  4. Good luck!!! I'll have my finger crossed for you!!
  5. everything crossed for you here in Scotland... Hard to type with my eyes crossed though!! hee hee

    Keep us posted
  6. so so hope its the right one this time, as I canonot wait to see what the wisteria from here is like :biggrin:
  7. Really hope you got it....can't wait to rejoice with you!
  8. What! You mean I have to wait until night for pictures!:sad:
    Well I hope you get it today..the right one! I'm sure you will, it was one of those random errors I'm sure.
  9. Thanks for all the good vibes! I :heart: PFers.

    So, I am home and my package is with my landlord... who won't be home for a few more hours!:cursing: But I'll post pics as soon as I get it! And if it's the wrong bag again, then, well.... my post will probably have a lot of bad words in it.:p
  10. Fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!
  11. She's here and I really love her! :heart:

    Here are some pics....
    mo' wisteria 003.JPG mo' wisteria 002.JPG
  12. it's gorgeous! :love:
  13. WOW!!!! That is sooooo pretty! I wish I could get one!!:love:
  14. yay!:yahoo: i love seeing you in the fendi forum!
  15. thanks, kneehighz... I love your collection so much!