My grey Paddy arrived!!


Jan 6, 2006
She has just arrived and I do really love her:love: :love: .
The leather is incredible but I never had such a heavy and slouchy bag. I'm not sure if she looks good on me and it would be a pity just to keep her for admiring. I love the colour. What do you think, ladies???? The tags are still on so that I can return it.I ordered from NAP on Friday and today she arrived that's what I call a fast service!:biggrin:


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It's a gorgeous bag, and looks good on you. I got used to the weight of mine pretty quickly; actually it's lighter than a couple of my other leather shoulder bags.
Great color!!! If you think you will wear it you should keep it. If you think it will spend more time in the sleeper bag than not you should return it and get something you'll use. That's just my two cents.
That's a beautiful bag - I just got the dust blue color and was having the same doubts as you are but I kept mine too! I still haven't used it yet but I will. Just want to wait for the warmer weather because I think the blue is a bit more springy looking but your color is all year round I think!
my favorite color of a paddington that I have yet seen.
I'd say send it back if you can't deal with the weight and find another grey bag...just because I personally am unwilling to sacrifice my shoulders to a padlock. But if you'll carry it sometimes, keep it for sure. It's lovely.