My Grey City has arrived!! Pics, of course

  1. I just got this today! Bought it from a PF member before the WTS forum closed. It is soooo nice and soft and squishy.
    grey.jpg grey1.jpg
  2. Is that a warmer grey color, or is it just the lighting? I :heart: it! Congrats Irishgal!!!
  3. Great bag, beautiful color, Congrats!
  4. The second pic was taken in the dining room with too many windows, so it looks light. The first pic is the real color:smile:
  5. congrats..i was planning to get a gray city well does this color go with all your clothes?
  6. For me, it goes great. I tend to wear jeans for casual, black, grey, and green khaki, so on. I had at first thought I might get the rouge, but that color would not go with some items. I hope that made sense, I am so excited I am not thinking properly..:roflmfao:
  7. Congrats! It's really lovely and I like the color of your floors and your walls!
  8. It's beautiful! I remember when I saw a grey city for the first time in a store, I was so surprised at how pretty it was!
  9. That's such a pretty bag. I'm not that keen on the city style, but I really like it in the color that you got. Congrats!!!
  10. That is so sweet. The house is 94 years old, floors are original, they don't made em like they used to. :huh:
  11. Yay! Love it!
  12. I love the grey! Congrats!
  13. nice :smile:
  14. congrats! I LOVE the gray!
  15. Absolutely beautiful, congratulations! :love: