My Grey 228 *modeling pics*

  1. I started a new thread for this so people could access the modeling pics easier.

    These are not the greates quality but here ya go.

    i also took a pic of the inside of the bag. I love the red and grey!! So pretty.

    one pic is with the strap worn single (longer)
    the other is w/ the strap doubled (shorter) :tup:


    228grey1.jpg 227grey.jpg 227model3.JPG 227model4.JPG
  2. Awww Iluvbags!! Your 228 is really gorgeous! Thanks for posting pics of your 228 Reissue.. Now I know how a 228 will look like! :biggrin: It's TDF!!
  3. Oh finally the wait is over, this is just gorgeous!! congrats! I think I prefer it on double chain, just like how I would wear my black reissue...

  4. I actually like it long. But both ways are nice :tup:

    Sorry for my goofy watermark. lol ha ha ha

  5. thanks :heart::heart:
  6. You look fab modelling the 228! :tup: The bag doesn't look as big as I thought. Thanks for the pics..
  7. It looks amazing on you!
  8. It looks absolutely smashing on you!! :smile:
  9. beautiful bag! Looks fabulous on you!
  10. It looks brilliant on you! Love it!
  11. it doesn't look big at all! looks wonderful on you!!
  12. It really doesn't look that huge! Love grey reissues. =D
  13. I love it! It really looks amazing on you!
  14. Wow, it looks absolutely fabulous on you! :tup:
  15. Thank you for posting modeling pics... it looks GREAT on you! What a fabulous size bag.....:tup: