My Green St. Louis Goyard

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  1. I felt really pissed of my Goyard St. Louis in Green for my 2007 b'day gift & it was from my lovely husband purchased from BG in NY. Why I said that b'cause of my husband spent $950+ tax + the stripe & initial/numbers $155X2 and i been used for more than 2yrs and my initial/numbers started to peeled off. I went back to BG and asked the lady why and she said by the time we purchased it; she told me if I want to put the stripe or initial on the bag; i have to do it when I purchased the bag, b'cause of I been used for 1/2 yr later before I putted the strip & initial on and she said that's what will be happened. Right now, i don't know what to do with my bag :sad: and makes me such heart broken :crybaby:& i really don't want to spend another $155 to get it re-done.
  2. Oh no! I have heard of that before, it is best to have it monogrammed at point of sale. Is it peeling of in parts, or coming off cleanly?
  3. It's peeling off in parts; all the#'s and letter came off from the corner especially the 8; part of the curve from the top right hand corner has been came off. Will post a pic once i got home :cry:
  4. ^Oh no! At least your bag has held up well, a testimony to Goyard's durability. I think that to get it re-painted, you have to pay, unfortunately. I think at Barney's New York (where I do my Goyard shopping) it is the same case.
  5. So sorry to hear about your bag!

    An SA at Barneys told me that it's best to have customization done before a bag/item has is used because the coating is still a bit tacky and binds to the paint better.
  6. O man that stinks! I guess if it means you will use it more just fix it for the $
  7. Sorry this happened to you :sad:
  8. My BG SA cautioned me not to personalize my St Louis; she said the personalization holds up better on the structured bags. Sorry this happened to you.
  9. so sorry...hopefully you can still enjoy your bag
  10. Sorry! Finally i have time to post the pics of my Goyard St. Louis :crybaby::sad:

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  11. here is another pic!! :shucks:

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  12. I can't really see the peeling from the pics but I know that IRL it probably really annoys you. I know that would annoy me. I think it is worth it to get it fixed. Sorry, that sucks.
  13. Also, last year of May my husband and I went to Paris for vacation, I spent another 120 euro to fixed my straps b'cause of before; I putted my Goyard bag into the drawer where i work and i didn't realized I left the straps out & I closed it so fast and out of sudden the straps worn out:sad: But luckily the SA in Goyard rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, she was so kind and i told her whether it's possible to change the straps and she said absolutely and it took about 3 days for them to get the straps replaced. After that i thought my bag will work fine but right now, something wrong with my personalize of my bag. I think I'm just leave it they way is and treated it as a vintage look. Anyway thk for all of your support!! :hugs:
  14. ungela..i just want to let you know that i think your bag is beautiful....i'm so sorry about the must be so frustrating for you,.....but your bag is gorgeous...continue to enjoy it:smile:
  15. I have seen that Louis Vuitton only personalized their hard sided luggage, maybe this is one reason why?