My green graffiti speedy, pink graffiti coin wallet and a bit of everything :D

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  1. I've been out to the store today to collect my Graffiti stuffs, SA told me that many shops in London are closed due to the heavy snow so they might not get it today there but luckily I live in Birmingham so I got the chance to get them on time :smile: I've already bought the green graffiti speedy and pink graffiti zippy coin purse and some other stuffs before the day but once I got to the shop, I decided to buy many things more! :yahoo: which I love them all here are some pictures, ENJOY ;)!

    Obviously someone's been out shopping :P

  2. Wow! That's a lot of boxes, open up, quick!
  3. Let's see!
  4. :couch:
  5. I wonder what the "little bit of everything" part is!!!!
  6. Open!!!! So many boxes~
  7. Wow what a haul -look at those boxes! I wanna seee!
  8. this's going to be sooooo them please:woohoo:
  9. You guys are so quick! ok I'll open the biggest box then ;) here it is!


    My green graffiti speedy :biggrin: :biggrin:


    The color is so yum yum, sour and vibrant.



  10. :popcorn:
    This is going to be good!
  11. Pretty.....
  12. Ohhhh I am so jealous!! My store was sold out of pink
  13. Ok, I didn't think I liked the green til I saw your green. Very pretty!
  14. OMG OPEN OPEN OPEN! Lol, Congrats! The Speedy is GORGEOUS! I have to wait until Wednesday to pick up my stuff so this reveal will have to tide me over!
  15. Oh! The green is beautiful! I was set on the pink, but now i may reconsider! CONGRATS!