my great finds at SoCal outlet!

  1. so on Sunday I went to the Coach outlet in Camarillo, CA, and not only did I find the black Soho flap purse I was looking for, but also found a matching wallet! :yahoo: The best part was that both were marked down significantly...the purse was only $143 (30% off outlet price $199, retail price $328) and the wallet was $71 (20% off outlet price of $89)


    anyway, am sooooo glad i waited to go to the outlets before buying this purse on e-bay! I really wanted a black Soho flap purse and saw that they were no longer selling them at So I searched on e-bay and I found a few, which were all going for $180-$200. I almost bought one because I knew the stores probably didn't have them anymore, and plus it was still cheaper than the retail price of $328. Though I made myself wait until the weekend so I could check out the outlet first. So glad I did!! :smile:
  2. yay!! very cute.. glad you love it!!! :tup:
  3. Love that bag and wallet, good choices.
  4. Congrats! They still have them at the outlets? I just sold mine to my co-worker for $100CDN. It's the same style but in medium size and white. I bought it several months ago and never used it. I actually paid about $200cdn.
  5. sexy bag and matching wallet! I've always loved that bag!:yes: Congrats!
  6. Oh congrats! It is beautiful! I was going to go to Camarillo too, but I got lazy! What else did they have? Please, I think I might go this weekend, thank you!
  7. I always find the best stuff there. The SAs are SO super nice and helpful! It's my favorite outlet of all the ones around here (I'm so lucky that there's 3 within 65 miles of me!)
  8. love it, great buys. congrats.
  9. so here's the low-down on the Camarillo outlet. it's only about half the size of the Cabazon one (which was huge), but still had a lot of nice stuff. They had the same soho flap bag I bought, also in brown, white (i think) and a had a signature one in green.

    they also had some lunch totes (style 10412 i guess) and in the large size too, in black and in tan. they had a lot of in signature scarves that you tie onto purses, esp. in blue and magenta (i wanted one but they were $69 apiece, which was a bit steep for me).

    oh, and they had a *ton* of really nice-looking suede bags that were burgundy-colored (sorry, i don't know the name/style or colors, i'm a Coach newbie).

    and i remember they had a lot of dog-collars and dog leashes and various other small things (wallets, planners, and signature contact-lens cases). they had those letter keychains too, but unless your name starts with U, X, or Q you were out of luck. :smile:

    the SAs were *really* helpful there. my fiance asked them about a white satchel that i wanted (we saw another shopper have one, but couldn't find any others on the shelves) and they basically were searching high and low for one, but it turns out that the shopper had taken the last one. Doh! Someone on another thread mentioned that in the Coach outlets, if you see something you like, hang on it to it! Good advice!! :yes: Coach outlets seem to be super-crowded, and this one was no different. On top of that, customers tend to buy a lot of stuff at once so stuff can run out fast. The woman in front of me in line bought like 3 signature hobos/handbags, 2 totes and like 4 wallets, amongst a bunch of other accessories.
  10. Congrats!
  11. I love the bag & wallet! They're gorgeous!
  12. WOW!!!! What a great deal!!!!!!! WOOHOO!
  13. Very nice, basic and timeless pieces.
  14. Wow, Congrats!! Great deals!!

    I got that same Soho flap [black leather] for about $120 but yours is the bigger version! Wish they had a wallet there, but $71 is a bit outta my teenage budget anyways. :p Great finds and beautiful bags!
  15. I LOVE that bag! We are going to the outlets near Palm Springs the weekend of the 9th (my bday weekend) and I am really hoping theirs at least one bag there that I want!