My great find at TJ's!

  1. There are three tj maxx stores in my area. One of them NEVER has anything. Other one, if there is anything cute, its gone by the time i get there.

    Today I went to the one right across from my office and they had a lot of Cole Haan, Patent Michael Kors, and lots and lots of Dooney and Bourke. They even had the nice leather Dooney wallets. Lots of Juicy, Kate Spade, Armani Exchange, etc.

    I got TWO pairs of Marc Jacobs for $32 TOTAL

  2. Wow...they actually honored it?!?! My friend found a pair of R&R there for $19 but when she went to pay for it, they wouldnt honor it. The actual price was $99.99. She even made a complaint with the manager and he still didnt honor it. She was so upset.
  3. It is definitely hit or miss with TJ Maxx. The one I went to back home had good stuff. When I moved away for college, the one I found here sucked. But it is finally getting better. I scored two BCBG Max Azria jumper dresses. They were $30 each, and the original BCBG tag was on them and said $210! They were such a great deal. :yahoo:
  4. I found a pair of Kors sunglasses there for $19!
  5. Love hearing them deals!

  6. I talked to one in the main regional office of Marshall's on the phone (due to some problems I had in Marshall's). She admitted that they are overguarding. Whenever a customer brings an item with a wrong tag, they assume that the customer switched tags and they won't honor it. Whoever got a coach bag at $29 was really lucky and I am sure that the manager of the store must have been a nice person with right CS attitudes. I stopped shopping at one specific Marshall's store in our area (there are three Marshalls) because of a sick manager of the store.
  7. This is probably my best find yet. [Sorry the picture quality stinks... I took them from my phone]

    Giorgio Armani dress


  8. ^^ you need to hit the casinos today! like right now! that's a crazy deal!!
  9. Your dress is beautiful! TJ Maxx is the best! In the past year I got North Face fleece for $39, a Ralph Lauren Purple lable sweater from $1500 to $89 and a bunch of black lable cashmere cable knits from $425 to $99/each!
  10. I can't believe all these great deals! I have 3 Marshall's and 2 TJM's and they NEVER have anything! ~golly, where you all live?? :blink:
  11. twilight_sky - according to their website there are no runway TJ Maxx's within 50 miles of Madison. :sad:
  12. Hello! Congrats on the great finds! I'm writing to ask, It's TJ Max that you all are talking about? There is one not 5 minutes from where I live, But I'm having a hard time believing the deals you are talking about can be found there :smile: Maybe it's just the stock the one in my area has, or maybe I just need to be on a better look-out! Either way very good deals for you and maybe now I'll take time to stop and browse when I have the time. (I need a good deal myself hehe)

  13. Lucky Lady!!! I can't wait to see the glasses....
  14. Just got some Kate Spade sunnies for $29. They had some Juicy as well.
  15. ^ :yes:

    If you live 5 mins away, what you need to do is ask an SA when they get their shipment(s) and go that day, like every week. And you have to look through EVERYTHING. Stores like Marshalls and TJs have tiers-- the top tier stores get couture stuff, the bottom tier stores get a lot of lower priced brands like Baby Phat, Guess, etc. Even at the crappy stores you can find really great deals, though. You just have to look VERY carefully.