My great find at TJ's!

  1. great find! i love to hear about them :smile:
  2. you guys must have a great tj. i pop my head in there sometimes and never find good things!! GrrRrrrRrrR!!!
  3. I went to TJ Maxx today and they didn't have any Coach purse, but they had Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and some really small Dooney's (for about $80), and nothing in my size in clothes! Ugh!
  4. ^ Mine had 4 pairs of JC sunnies for $29. The Coach ones were $59. These were the ONLY designer sunnies I saw in whole slew of Guess, J Lo and Babyphat.

    They had tons of Dooney bags for $69-89, all sizes. Coach-- $59 striped demi-pouches and some "mist" leather med sized bags (pale blue color from spring '06) that were ~$150. They had some Elliott Lucca, Adrienne Vitadini, Betsey Johnson. The prices were decent, but nothing really caught my eye.

    Juicy velour and fleece separates were $49 and they had lots of designer jeans for $59-99-- TR, 7FAM, Antik, Joes. They had also some really cheap 575 jeans and I scored a pair of J Brand for only $20!!!!

    They also had some Lola makeup for $2.99-4.99, Jacqua shower gels for $7, lots of cheap perfumes.

    I ended up buying the J Brand jeans and a Lola concealer and my total was only $23. It was definitely worth the trip!!! :tup:
  5. Yeah, mine kind of stinks too. The "higher" end stuff is Mudd, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein t-shirts. I have gotten good deals on bras there though.
  6. HA!!! I tried on those Sunglasses ( the Dior's in Blue) but someone had stretched them all out (must have been a big head HAHA) but got a pair of Grey Kate spade and the Juicy with big gold lettering on the side. They really are killer.
    Awhile back I got a pair of seven jeans for $49 and H2O moisturizer for 7.99
    But you have to shop it. Right now it's kind of dead, ours cleared out all the X-mas and are getting new stuff.
  7. They are actually Guccis, not Diors.

    There were a lot of JC and Lacoste sunglasses at my local TJ Maxx. You could easily find the 'nicer' ones since they had the anti theft tags on them. No theft tags on the JLos =)
  8. omg at the valentino jacket and in my size too...darn I wish we had a runway section but i live in fargo nd so lol....oh well, Im loving my sunglasses hehe
  9. I'm going to check out my TJ's tonight...can't wait!
  10. Sunday I hit up two runways - one had JC, kate spade, Coach, etc.. the other had nuttin' :sad:

    I ended up getting some from Nord Rack instead actually :smile:
  11. err my local TJ never has good stuff like that. =/
  12. I went to a different TJ's today and I got really cute Betsey Johnson sunnies for $24!! :tup:

    They didn't have anything spectacular, but they had better sunglasses and LOTS of super cheap Tahari! They had a $450 Tahari jacket for only $7 :shocked:
  13. my tj max never has anything like this. I live in Madison WI. am i just not looking hard enough???