My great find at TJ's!

  1. Thank you! Sorry about the massive picture-I messed up the resizing option. :love:
  2. I love TJ Maxx. Just got my daughter a $200 Theory skirt for $20 a couple of days ago.
  3. more of my deals lately

    $200 Tahari wedge ballet flats (leather with bow, small wedge- maybe 1 inch)-$20

    Tahari Blazers- $480 to $20

    $60 100% cashmere scarves- .30c each, yep thirty cents!!!!! I scored the last 2
  4. Just went there today and got a pair of Steve Madden peep toe ballet flats for $7.00, a "Moschino Denim" pochette bag that has red leather hearts on it for $20.00, and a Nicole Miller umbrella that has women with umbrellas on it for $3.00! The deals were crazy! I saw a lot of really good deals on dresss and handbags too!
  5. Can't wait. There's a new TJ opening near my house. =)
  6. oooh, i wish I have time to check out the sales!!!
  7. My local TJs had MbyMJ sunnies for 24.99 and 3 pairs of Marc Jacobs shoes marked down to $99!!!
  8. Sounds like I'll be going to TJ Maxx tomorrow!
  9. Valentino Jacket Size 2 at $59 down from $599 (and its original valentino price tag reads $2,880)
  10. I read this thread and had to go out to TJ Maxx tonight to look for a purse.
    (I told my husband I was grocery shopping)
    I found an adorable Cole Hahn for $129.
    I grabbed it (and paid for it)
    Lots of other great purses. They had some names I never heard of but
    they were made in Italy and the leather was very soft.
    I think I have to buy more.
  11. You win!! A day of Juicy shopping today, and a trip to TJ tomorrow!! woo hoo!!
  12. Here is a picture of the valentino jacket.

  13. OMG That is a really~~~~~~~ good deal~ congrats`
  14. Got these in navy blue for $60 at TJs.