My great deal!

  1. I saw this bag the other day at my favorite consignment shop and haven't stopped thinking about it... so I went back for it today. It's in perfect condition, and looks brand new and came with its authenticity card and everything... yet it was less than 1/3 the retail cost!:yahoo:

    It's the Le Marais large tote in black/dark grey.

    Please excuse my outfit in the modeling pic... I'm wearing my nightshirt. :p
    big chanel 002.JPG big chanel 007.JPG big chanel 009.JPG
  2. Congrats! It is always nice to get a great deal!
  3. Wow! Congratulations. Its beautiful.
  4. Incredible deal on a beautiful bag. Congrats!!
  5. Wow - what a deal. What color is this? Almost looks like a grey/green...
  6. congrats! you totally scored!
  7. I think the flash on my camera washes the color out. It's a very dark grey or washed black color.
  8. Congrats! I love the grey color. What a great find.
  9. wow! awesome bag and incredible deal!!! :heart:
  10. Congrats on your awesome find!
  11. Lucky you!!! That's such an awesome tote, and to get it at a great deal is definitely a bonus! Congrats, and enjoy!
  12. Score! That always feels so good, congrats to you. Enjoy your new Chanel beauty!
  13. Congratulations:yahoo:
  14. :nuts: absolutely gorgeous!! where is this shop with amazing bags like yours selling for such a ridiculous low price????
    that must be like in seventh heaven.
    ok, i am just jealous.
  15. What a beautiful tote! I'm not usually a Chanel tote girl but I love love love this one! Congrats on this bargain :heart: