My great deal of the day!

  1. I decided to purchase a wallet to match my Hamptons carryall Ill be getting shortly, so I had two returns to do to put towards it - a mini skinnie that I never wound up using, and the bangle bracelet that just slides off of my wrist whenever I try to wear it. I went to a different store than I usually go to since I was going to be in a different mall. I did my returns, ordered the wallet, and what the heck - I ask ed about the extended PCE and if I could get the 25% discount. The SA asked her manager and came back and said since I asked about it, she could give it to me!!! So the whole transaction cost me around $26!! :yahoo:I'm so excited about this wallet! Now I need a matching wristlet! Oh, and she said about the extended PCE - first it ended in December, then they extended it to the 29th and now its not extended anymore - ?? Not sure what is the real story, but they gave me the discount, and I'm probably not purchasing anything until the New Year anyway.
    hamptons.jpg red wallet.jpg
  2. Perfect match! Congrats on getting the discount! I think the people who has the card that says its til the 29th could still use the discount.
  3. beautiful, congrats on a great combo.
  4. beautiful match.. congrats!!!:tup:
  5. That wallet and bag are both TDF!!! Congrats donnalynn!!
  6. Congrats on the beautiful wallet! It goes so wonderfully with your hamptons carryall--both gorgeous choices!
  7. what a great deal! congrats! those make a perfect set!
  8. Congrats!What a great deal!
  9. Great match. By the way, that purse is awesome. That color is beautiful! Definitely demands attention!