My great deal just arrived!

  1. I purchased this last week from QVC, on a "lunchtime special" price of $76!! It is gorgeous. Tapestry fabric, and a mint-green leather trim. I attached my Coach Koi keyfob that I just got on eBay......can't wait to carry this one! It's already loaded with my stuff:p.
  2. VERY cute and what a awesome deal! I wanted to order the cabriolet satchel and AWL tote QVC has. BUt waiting to see if they will lower the prices!
  3. Wow whata deal !
  4. That is sooo cute.
    Thats the style/color i've been eyeing for a while
    I just can't seem to find a size/bag I like it in.
  5. Very pretty and a great deal!
  6. that is so cute. i wanted a tapestry when they first had come out, but i always had found something better.
  7. I've been waiting to see this! It's so pretty! Perfect for summer.
  8. I love that bag and they key fob. The key fob looks good on almost any purse!
  9. They won't. they never do on that one . i have been watching that same bag for years now and they just keep getting more. Check eBay, there is a seller on there that sometimes gets QVC returns on those and lists them. i will check her name and get back to you on that.
  10. her eBay name is got2havethis. hope you find one!
  11. I've never seen that one before! Cute! Awesome deal too!
  12. very cute! C:
  13. So cute! I love the color!
  14. great deal