My GREAT deal at the outlet in Kittery, ME

  1. My friend and went to the outlets in Freeport and then Kittery ME today. (Kittery is about 3 hours away, Freeport, 2).

    I knew what i wanted and was just really really hopeing that either store had it. Freeport didnt, Kittery did. YAYYYY im so happy.

    Anyways, its the Ergo Vintage Leather. The one that is normally $548. I picked one up and looked at the price. Actually i had 2 other bags in my other hand, a watercolor one and a Legacy Oxford Stripe before i found i spotted the Ergo. So i looked at the price of the ergo, $299.00. There was another one on the shelf and i picked it up just to see if it was in better condition cause the first one had a few scuffs on it. But it wasnt any better so i put it back. Looked around for a bit, went to pay and the girl rang it up and then called a manager or soemthing over and said, this is ringing up at such and such, ( i didnt hear what she said it was) and she said oh, just do an over ride and do the 299 and then 20% off of that. She (manager) went over to the other one still on the shelf and then came back and told me i just got a GREAT deal (with a big smile). So when i was done i went over and looked, the other one that i put back was priced $379.00!!!! Im glad that they honored the price that was written on it and im really glad i kept the one i had originally picked up/

    I just had my husband take a picture of me with it but he took one picture and the battery died, I just went to look at the picture but he had taken a picture of my boobs instead!!! JERK. So i will post a picture in a bit, when the battery charges up enough so i can.
  2. Wow, congrats! That's a steal!

    We expect real pictures soon. :p

    Silly DH!
  3. Congrats on your great buy! LOL, we know what your dh is thinking. :p
  4. awesome deal!!! Can't wait to see a pic!
  5. oh, and they had three of the comic book fobs, i told my friend what they were going for on eBay and i knew i should have gotten at least one to resell, they were only 39.00. But i didnt and i just looked at closed auctions.... :cursing:
  6. wow great deal. I had also got a great deal at an outlet outside of tampa. It was a large coach hobo retail was $350...I got it for $100 :nuts: It was a great deal I had also got 4 scrafs at $8 a piece and an agenda for $30. I am waiting for the mandy to be in the outlets now.
  7. [​IMG]

    and my collection, NOT including wristlets and small things and the ones that my niece is "borrowing" and the ones ive bought for her...

  8. Great looking bag, looks wonderful on you! I think the outlets are the way to go.
  9. I got my Signature Stripe one a few weeks ago, ordering it online and i realize its to small for me. My shoulder tote is perfect and now the Ergo is going to be great to but i will wait until the fall until i start useing it.

    More than 1/2 of my bags have come from the outlets. Just wish they were alot closer. The Kittery one had so many more of the "new" ones.
  10. Great deal! :tup:
  11. Did they have alot of ergo's at Kittery?
  12. That is an amazing deal!!! It looks great on you. I love that lime green - is it a swingpack?? Nice collection!
  13. Nice bag at a wonderful price, Enjoy
  14. Nice bag at a nice price!
  15. I have that bag! (Like it so much I bought it in white, too!) Isn't it fabulous? It looks great on you, and just wait until the patina develops. Such a great bargain, too. Good job! :nuts: