My Gray Lambskin and Burgundy Patent Jumbos:) And collection pics

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  1. My final fall additions (I hope) are here! Thanks for always letting me share:smile:

    Gray lambskin jumbo - I had no intention of buying this until i saw it IRL and fell head over heels in love with the color! It is not a flat gray at all- in fact it is my idea of the perfect gray:yahoo:

    And my burgundy patent jumbo - I bought this a while bag and had to wait patiently for it to arrive. It finally came the other day. I love the color! (Granted it is the same color as my BQ bowler but the patent makes it look more red:lol:)

    I've included some photos of most of my Chanel collection as well.
    Flaps - Burgundy patent jumbo (chain/strap shorter than on the classic jumbos), Metallic Dark White Reissue 227, Navy glazed lambskin jumbo with new chain (the smallest of the jumbos) and Gray Lambskin Jumbo

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  2. A few more photos including my Metallic Dark Silver Luxury Ligne Bowler and my Bubble Quilt bowler in Bordeaux:smile: Beige expandable tote, Black Paris-Biarritz tote, Black wallet on a chain:smile:
    Missing in action are my Brown GST (waiting for a replacement) and black 50th anniversary reissue, which I decided to give up due to the size (too narrow for me)

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  3. As you can see, I really do prefer fall/winter colors to spring/summer. I'm pretty sure I can live with this selection and shouldn't be buying more (how sad that temptation always exists LOL!)

    Thanks for letting me share! :tpfrox:
  4. wow..what lovely colors -- and your collection is absolutely TDF!
    Thanks for sharing :okay:
  5. :drool: :drool:What a great beautiful collections you got there!!
  6. Beautiful collection!! Just notice that you don't own a black chanel flap... so are u planning to add one more?
  7. I love your collection!
  8. Thanks for sharing your collection. The act I grey is divine, it is indeed the perfect grey, we're bag twins!! Congrats on your new bags.
  9. Beautiful collection! :girlsigh:
  10. Good eye haha.
    Well I finally found a Black 50th Anniversary reissue (227) after months of searching, then I realized it wouldn't hold as much as my jumbo or my new reissue:sad: It was supposed to be my 1 black flap. So now I guess I'll wait and see. I had the jumbo in caviar but realized I don't really like the black caviar (for the jumbo anyway). So far when I need black my WOC or PB tote seem to be sufficient:yes:
  11. Savannah, all that eye candy you post is partly to blame for this LOL. But you are right, it is divine! Thank you!
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    :tup: wow beautiful collection! Congrats!!!
    Btw i am eyeing at your burgundy BQ :graucho:...just wondering whether it'll look 'bulky/puffy' when carried on the shoulder since it has got a wide base?
  13. o my i love the gray!!!
  14. Very very nice collection!!!
  15. congrats! lovely collection!