My Grandpa is Sick :(


Oct 23, 2008
Just got a call from my mom. She was on vacation in Florida this past week and is flying back today. She called me from Atlanta, right before her connecting flight back to Michigan. My grandpa is in the hospital (in Indiana)...he has pneumonia in both lungs and they said the outlook is not good.

He had a stroke and literally died on the table 15 years ago. They brought him back and did not expect him to live long after that. He has emphysema due to smoking for 40 years. He's on constant oxygen and does breathing treatments several times a day. Up until this point, it's seemed like he's had 9 lives.

As soon as mom's flight lands back here in Michigan, I'm going with her to Indiana. Tomorrow is Friday and I can take a personal day at work. And luckily we get Monday off for MLKing Day. I'm hoping to head back Sunday depending on how things are going. I just didn't think mom should have to go alone.