My Grandmothers ring RESET.....

  1. I just had my grandmothers ring reset for the second time:shrugs:. It was in its original 1930s setting (I still have it). I then had it set into a pendant with small stones surrounding it, but it looked like a flower and did nothing for the stone:nogood:, which is so gorgeous. I wasn't sure I wanted another ring, since I have my blingy ering. But I did a search on the internet and saw these gorgeous bezel settings. I brought a copy to my jewler and we came up with a stunning design, The diamond is set in a bezel and surrounded by diamonds in an art deco setting. The stone is 1.50, the setting (which I just love:heart:)approx 1.45, all F color VS1. I am so thrilled with how it turned out. :woohoo:I wear it on my middle finger or index finger and can wear my ering on my ring finger. I included a pix of my ering(1.85 marquise G color and side diamonds total.50) as well as a pix of my wedding bands, my tiffany platinum and 18 k band and my 6k platinum eternity band with F vs2 diamonds. I can never decide which wedding band to wear, so I wear both, :smile:Please see pix...
    2 RI NGS_resized.jpg RING4_edited.jpg RING9 resized pix.jpg
  2. I love your grandma's ring. It's gorgeous! I'd be wearing that all the time on it's own. It's a stand alone piece, IMO!
  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the compliments!! Love ur log in name ;).
  4. Thank you!!! I keep looking at your ring. I have my grandmother's ring...same carat weight. I really might consider having it set like this. I love the's so vintage.
  5. I absolutely LOVE it!!! It looks amazing. The setting really makes the stone pop. Enjoy!!!! (your nails look FAB.)
  6. Hi Sunshine, thanks for the compliments!!:smile:
  7. Beautiful!
  8. Wow! It looks beautiful!:tup:
  9. oo, it looks so pretty!!!
  10. that's so beautiful! i have a ring of my grandmother's that i want worked into something more wearable for me. your's is gorgeous!!
  11. Beautiful setting!
  12. Your grandmother's ring is stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous, looks great on you!
  14. It's beautiful!
  15. Thank u all for the compliments. I am enjoying wearing it. :yes: