My grandmothers clutch

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  1. Hello girls. Just want to show you one om my favorit purses, but since it's not a designer purse, its belong here, rigth?

    This beauty used to belong to my grandmother, and she got it in the 1950! Can't find a brand on it, but its really good leather and silk inside. Maybe I like it so good because I loved mye grandmother, but since I got so many complimentes everytime she must be nice... not bad for a 60 year old purse!!



  2. I love it! I adore large portfolio clutches-- love the structure on this.

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Looks gorgeous and must be very good quality! I too have a clutch that had belonged to my grandmother and since she's deceased now, I get such a good feeling every time I use it because it reminds me of her.
  4. How great to have such a treasure from your Gran! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Lovely!!!
  6. I love anythung from my grandmother. esp. handbags. Gorgeous.
  7. So cool!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Beautiful vintage bag
  10. I :heart: vintage, and that's one of the loveliest clutches I've seen. Congrats! And how nice that you get to carry something that belong to your grandmother. :hugs:
  11. Thanks everyone. Nice to se that more than I adore the bag. Even its 10 years since my grandmother past away, she is still a bit whit me:smile:
  12. Very beautiful! I'm glad to hear it has a lot of sentimental value as well.
  13. Hi Dixie, it is truly fabulous! I adore Vintage. And to have this be a Vintage piece of your grandmother's makes it something to treasure for always.

    Cherish it and pass it to a loved one :heart:
  14. Thank you for sharing.

    It's a simply stunning bag - perfect cocktail wear :drinkup:
  15. That is a gorgeous clutch, and it is in stunning condition! Wear it well.