My grandmother's band

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  1. Hi everyone-

    I did a thread search and didn't see anything similar so please let me know if I am wrong and missed it!!

    My grandmother passed away in December. I am getting married a week from today and already have my wedding band picked out, but I was talking to my mother today and she told me she has a band with what looks like diamonds in it that was my grandmothers that I can also wear with my wedding band and engagement ring. I am so happy to have this sentimental ring. My mom and I don't know if the diamonds in the band are real or not. I plan to wear the ring even if the stones are not real, but would like to know how much the ring is valued at for insurance reasons.

    Does anyone know how to tell if the diamonds are real or how to get an appraisal done? I am not sure any jewellery shops will do an appraisal since the ring was not purchased from them. Any advice will be happily accepted. Thanks!
  2. If at all possible go to an independent appraiser--as in someone who appraises and evaluates jewelry that is not affiliated with a jeweler at all. If that's not an option, any jeweler should have a tester that can identify the materials and give you and idea for insurance purposes. They should do it on the spot, and insist it be done in front of you.
  3. Any pawn shop or jewelry store will have a diamond tester that they can use on the spot. Also local chain jewelry stores can generally make you an appointment with an independent appraiser who can give you a detailed report. That's how I've done mine in the past! Hth!
  4. Your insurer should be able to recommend a good appraiser. They might charge you about $35. but it should be fairly easy to find one.