My Grand Bucket came back from Paris today!!!

  1. DH, the kids and I went to Athens back in Nov. and of course our FIRST stop after checking in was .... the Louis Vuitton store!!! I wanted to get a price to replace the lining on my Grand Bucket (I had that terrible peeling thing happening) and possibly to replace the vachetta - needless to say, I picked up my new Speedy 40 that day too!!! Yahoooo OK, back to the bucket ! lol... So I was told 220 Euros (about $321.00) for the repairs and DH and I were like "send it to Paris"!!! So I got the call on Friday she was back and they couriered it to me today!!!! I am SO excited!!!! It's a BRAND NEW bag!!! Looks SO fabulous!!!

    Here's the before pics: :shame: (orig. bought in '99)
    lv front.jpg


    lv date code.jpg

  2. 2 more befores:

    lv peel.jpg

    lv handles.jpg
  3. Yeah, your bucket went for a nip and tuck in Paris. It did her good! :tup:
  4. AND - here's the AFTER!!!! :yahoo::woohoo: Now I know we all know what it is already, but since I've never done the "striptease reveal", allow to me to bow chicka wow wow once! lol... tell me what you think!!! Also, can anyone explain what's up with the new date code? Is it supposed to be June '06? :confused1: From what I see I had a Made in France bag all along and didn't even realize!!! :push: lmao..


    lv new front.jpg

    lv new date code.jpg

    lv new inside.jpg
  5. lv new inside tag.jpg
  6. Just gorgeous!! Good call on giving her a "facelift"!!
    It is a new bag!!
    Now.. why wouldn't the datecode be '07?
  7. Sounds like someone in the workshop forgot to set the datecode stamp to the correct year !!! :wtf:

    But your bucket looks great....congrats. Good as new !! :tup:
  8. Thanks LoVer and sparklemint!!! She really did need to visit the motherland for a once over!! lol... isn't that weird about the date code? Maybe it was just an extra tag they had lying around? I don't know... hmmmmm
  9. I know, strangest thing!!! lol.. Thanks so much travelbliss!! I'm SOOO excited!!!:woohoo:
  10. Wow that's a great makeover !
  11. Unbelievable looks like a new bag Congrats
  12. Thanks thomasj93!!! Gotta love LV!!!
  13. Thanks so much!!!:tender:
  14. Magnificent job!
  15. Thanks LVuittonLuvr isn't she gorgeous??:woohoo: