My Gramercy Satchel Came today!!!!

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  1. :yahoo: I just got it and I :heart: it!!!!! It's so cute! It is smaller than I was anticipating but It's perfect for when DH and I go out to dinner or something by ourselves. It's kinda old lady looking for some people I'm sure, but I LOVE vintage stuff so it's perfect for me.. and hey it was 66 bucks!! I don't think it has ever really been used either.. it's in practically perfect condition, only a little tarnishing on the brass and some scratches on the turnlock, and a couple of stains on the inside, but they are very light. It has all the little care card, coach history and a registration card too!

    I might have to get addicted to this line... the leather is AMAZING!! This purse is very well made!


    I took some pics next to my new citron legacy for size reference, and some modeling pics!
  2. I love it! Coach rules!
  3. CONGRATS!!!! It is perfect for a nice dinner out!
  4. That is an absolutely classic and timeless bag!! I love it -very "Breakfast at Tiffanys"!
  5. How funny I though that too lol! Congrats 66 bucks for a beautiful bag!! :nuts:
  6. Its way cute. I love it. Where did you get it from? eBay? I'm always scared to buy from there.
  7. SO cute and classic!

  8. Hi Coachygirl! Yes, I got it on eBay. I buy a lot on ebay.. and I have bough 6 coach items on ebay. No major problems for me so far, but I have been buying and selling since 2000. This purchase was a little unnerving because they only took money order and I don't generally deal with that because I did get burned one time with a money order.. not with coach, but something inexpensive.. Anyway.. I really wanted this one so I went for it. The seller gave me no communication at all except for the invoice, but my purse is here in less than a week after I sent the money order so I am happy!
  9. OOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!

    that is an awesome so modern yet vintage, sleek lines yet vintage feel....that is an AMAZING price that u got it for...

  10. That bag is gorgeous taralindsey!!
    I love how some of the Coach leatherbags just never fall out of style.
    I was searching for a Doctor's satchel a while ago, and the bids went up to 200 ish on Ebay. I guess people love vintage as much as we TPF'ers do!
  11. Wow, it's classy as an Hermes!! Congrats!
  12. Taralindsey, I am always a fan of coach leather and your little bag is absolutely beatiful.:love: Congrats:woohoo:
  13. I have that very same Gramery satchel. I love it though I have not used it yet.
    Congrats on your awesome find!
  14. :wtf: That looks an awful lot like an Hermes Kelly bag. Enjoy it!
  15. that's what I thought. It's very nice, but looks like a blatant Hermes knock off. Pretty though. Enjoy.